Hi, I'm Alda Lima. I'm an English - Brazilian Portuguese Translator and Interpreter.


I'm an English < > Brazilian Portuguese translator with 13.5 years of experience, 57 books translated, and over 1,000 hours of on-site, consecutive interpreting work.

I also work with editing/proofreading, transcription, transcreation, and localization (including for games, UI, websites, luxury retail, travel & hospitality, marketing, etc.), and write book reviews/reports for a few Brazilian Publishing Houses.

My academic and professional background is in arts, fashion, and communication, so my focus is mainly on creative translation content that's highly localized for the Brazilian audience.

I volunteer for Mercy for Animals, Ted Translators, and Olhar Animal, and had this volunteer translation published by the United Nations in 2021.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch through the contact form on this page if you have any questions or would like to see my portfolio. You can also check out my NOW page to know what I've been doing and working on lately :)

- Google Adwords certified

- Proz certified.

- Member of Abrates (Brazilian Association of Translators and Interpreters)



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13.5 years experience

57 books translated and published

Over 1,000 hours on-site interpreting

Native Language: Brazilian Portuguese

Source Language: English, Brazilian Portuguese

Target Language: English, Brazilian Portuguese

Willing to travel and/or relocate.

ProZ and Google Adwords certified.




Freelance Translator, Interpreter, Transcriber, Transcreator, Editor

DIRECT CLIENTS | December 2008 – Present

Seven Brazilian publishing houses, authors Derek Sivers (USA), Pip Reid (Canada), Grant Lingel (USA, Brazil), and Sasha Cottman (UK, Australia), actress Maria Gal (Brazil) and architect Miguel Pinto Guimarães (Brazil), companies/brands like Classpass (USA, Netherlands), Life.io (USA), Shakespeare in the Ruins (Canada), EagleRider (USA), Sistema B (Brazil), Club Med (France, Brazil), Walking the Talk (Netherlands), Swag Masha Games (Lithuania), Penthol (USA), British Academy (UK, Greece), Protection International (Belgium), among others.


Freelance Translator, Interpreter, Transcriber, Transcreator

TRANSLATION AGENCIES | December 2008 – Present

Star7 (Italy - Ray-Ban, Oakley accounts), Datawords (France - Rolex account), Locate Translate (UK - Pharmaceutical industry accounts), Strommen (USA - Netflix ), Global Voices (UK), Protranslating (USA - Visa, Whatsapp, Facebook), House of Greenland (France, UK - Google), Appen (USA - Facebook, Twitter), In What Language (USA - Uber, Microsoft), The Kitchen (UK - Formula E), Come Alive USA (USA), among others.


Literary Translator, Book Report Writer

PUBLISHING HOUSES | December 2008 – Present

  • Harper Collins (Brazil, 01/2015-present) - 15 books translated, 10 book reports written.

  • Harlequin  (Brazil, 01/2015-present) - 02 books translated, 10 book reports written.

  • Editora Record and Galera da Record  (Brazil, 2008-2019) - 32 books translated, including a bestseller that sold over 1.5 million copies in Brazil, plus 205 book reports written (since 2006).

  • Intrínseca (Brazil, 01/2015-present) - 01 book preview translated to English, interview transcriptions for 01 book.

  • Faro Editorial (Brazil, 07/2021-present) - 02 books translated.

  • Culturama (Brazil, 12/2021-present) - 01 book translated.

  • Editora Consequência (Brazil, 01/2019 - 06/2021) - 01 book translated and on-site interpretation support for the authors during their research.

  • Ediouro (Brazil, 01/2016) - 01 book translated.


Translator and Interpreter

BELEZA NATURAL | February 2017 – Present

Beleza Natural is a leading Brazilian hair services and products company that opened its 1st international unit in New York City in 2018. I was the translator and interpreter for the American team’s training in Rio, helping with the onboarding, as well as localizing written presentations, marketing, blog & social media content, labels, and videos for its successful opening abroad. The NY unit work wrapped in 09/2019, but I still occasionally work for the company.


Translator and Interpreter

BRITISH ACADEMY | December 2018 – June 2021

Translator and interpreter in Rio de Janeiro’s Favela da Maré for the 2018 Week of Food Sovereignty debates, meetings with the City Hall, and visits to urban gardens with the British Academy researchers. Translated the project’s book, published in 2021.



RIO DE JANEIRO'S MUSEUM OF TOMORROW  | September 2015 – January 2016

Translated the museum's website content and its exhibits and rooms displays to English, as well as the printed material distributed in the United Nations 2015's Climate Change Conference/Paris Agreement.   


Translator and Linguist

WORD REFERENCE | October 2016 – July 2018

Part of the translators’ team to implement Word Reference's online dictionary translation.



GRUPO COI | June 2010 – February 2016

Translation (Portuguese to English) of COI Institute's healthcare and nutrition articles, oncology scientific reports, and survivors’ stories.


UFRJ - Rio de Janeiro's Federal University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | 1999-2003

Bachelor's Degree in Arts – Production and Set/Stage Design. 








  • Writing/Content Creation (Online, 2012-2016).

  • Art events and exhibits, fashion styling, visual merchandising, make-up, set & costume design, photography, retail, sales: Portfolio (Rio de Janeiro, 06/2004 - 03/2016).

  • Teaching – 4-week Visual Merchandising course - Polo Criativo (Rio de Janeiro, 11/2015).


CAT Tools, web based (Memsource, Smartling, Smartcat, Wordfast).

Microsoft Office Suite.

Google Workspace.

Some GitHub and SiteCore experience.


* General: {Advertising}, {Art}, {Beauty}, {Culture}, {Environment}, {Fashion}, {Retail}, {Humanities}, {Literature}, {Media}, {Political science}, {Public relations}, {Entertainment}, {Travel}, {Hospitality}, {Tourism}
* Business: {Finances}, {Investments}, {Business}
* Technical: {Software localization}, {UI and UX}, {Websites}.
* Medical: {General}, {Wellness}, {Psychology}, {Nutrition}, {Fitness}, {Self Care} {Pharmaceutical}.


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